Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for your interest in this project. We are honored to feature your veteran! Here are some commonly asked submitter questions. We are also happy to take your question via email at or by phone at 785-864-4900.
Q: What does the “Verification” checkbox mean?

A: Your veteran may already be included in the Kansas Veterans Virtual Memory Wall. Search our database to verify.

If your veteran is not included in this list, please use the new Kansas Veterans Virtual Memory Wall submission form. Check the box to verify you have searched our database.

If he or she is included, please do not submit this online form. If your veteran was submitted to our original WWII registry between 2003-2021, the profile may not be complete. Send your veteran’s name to and we will help you enhance your WWII veteran’s existing profile!

Q: Does my veteran need to be a combat veteran?

A: No! We want to honor all types of military service, from all branches, whether in war or peacetime, abroad or at home.

Q: What should I include for my story of service?

A: Whatever details that are important to the veteran or your family. Some choose to emphasize awards and notable achievements. Others may share details about the nature of the veteran’s service such as place or occupation. Personal reflections on or quotes about their service are also meaningful.

Q: Why are you not including pre-WWII service veterans?

A: We are currently recognizing veterans that served contemporary to Senator Bob Dole’s military service and leadership legacy. We may decide to add veterans from earlier eras in the future.

Q: What if I don’t know all the required information?

A: We want new entries to be as complete as possible. Please research or visit with family and friends to find out the minimum information required.

Q: The submission form says my photo is too small. What do I do?

A: We have set a minimum requirement for image sizes to achieve excellent display quality on the large-screen feature in the Dole Institute. Old digital files may not be large enough. We suggest scanning an original printed photograph or taking a new photo of the original printed photograph with a smartphone.

Q: Does the photo need to be a service photo or official portrait?

A: No. Any photo of your veteran is welcome.

Q: What constitutes a "Kansas veteran"?

A: For the purposes of our project, your veteran is eligible if they were born in or served in Kansas, or had a residence in Kansas.

Q: How will my donation be used? Is it tax deductible?

A: Your $20 donation will support the Kansas Veterans Virtual Memory Wall project to ensure its existence in perpetuity.

Donations to the project are made to and administered by KU Endowment — the university’s fundraising organization — are tax deductible under Section 170 (b) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualify for the maximum tax benefits available for charitable giving under federal income, estate and gift tax laws.